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Why don’t you have my favourite game from twenty years AGO!?

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I am a man obsessed with entertainment mainly because I usually have no life to speak of. I have a TV with a Playstation 3 virtually welded to it, I have two computers and a laptop, I have the latest IPod and I have three mobile phones. However for the last three years I have obsessed about a Commodore 64 game so obscure and so awful that until a few days ago I believed that it had been sucked into a black hole. Then I found it at last and despite the awful graphics and the fact that I had to sit there doing nothing most of the time I loved playing every minute of it. I recently found a website named play4funny.com that has offered me free flash games that have brought out the inner child that so desperately hated playing on games that were gorgeous graphically but were hollow in every other regard.

Flash games have opened up something within me as I once believed such games were simply too slow and uneventful for me to care about. Finding play4funny.com has actually gotten me excited about playing games again. I have played games that offered gorgeous scenery and picture perfect graphics but none of them seem to have the same thrill as playing a flash game, a simple little arcade flash game is getting me excited. Sad, possibly, insane, maybe, going to make me consider going to a shrink, no I don’t trust them. Flash games are simple and designed to make me feel excited about simple gaming again. The strangest part of the whole situation is that I am playing free online flash games; I am not paying them anything to play a game. I swear I would have sacrificed my first born for the C64 game I wanted to find, by the way if the devil is reading this I didn’t mean that and I have no first born so na, na, na, na, na. Yet here I am playing free flash games on play4funny.com and I keep wondering why I was so obsessed over one soccer game that I used to have years ago. The game was awful; I spent most of my time sitting at my computer occasionally pressing one button to shoot a ball into the net. I hope you felt the thrill from that sentence. Maybe flash games are the future of entertainment.

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Why don’t you have my favourite game from twenty years AGO!?