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Memento Manhunt

Category: Action Games

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Meet Deviate Jain, the main heroine of the drastic story Memento Manhunt. It is a helpless girl, the street that has never known the joy of life. Grew up in orphanages and affection for her neighbor ever says anything. This uncompromising girl now finds himself in the squalid ghettos, where fist brutal gangs of masked rioters. Jain has now decided to add on the side of good and will deal with criminals on their own. After passing the initial tutorial, you will wait for demanding missions in which you will need to demonstrate fearlessness and ability to assert themselves against large odds. Indeed, the only way you can be in this thrilling online action games successful. Try to be constantly on the alert because the enemy you can literally watch every step. You never know from which corner you can jump up and attack someone on your back. Memento Manhunt is a hilarious action issue, which would have no visitor to our site should not be missed.

movement – arrows, S – picking up weapons, D – laying the weapon, Z – attack

Memento Manhunt